ChiaoGoo’s high-quality knitting needles and accessories are made with the finest materials and are designed in Michigan, US. The smart finish and tapered points of the needles are ideal for all yarn weights, but are often preferred by knitters for fine lacework and knitting socks.

The smooth finish of the stainless-steel needles is also particularly suited to fast knitters, with yarn effortlessly gliding off the needles. If you prefer to knit with a more natural material, ChiaoGoo's gorgeous bamboo needles are warm to the touch and a pleasure to knit with.

The ChiaoGoo family business was started in the 1990s by the Zheng brothers who were born in Linan, the bamboo capital of China. Their mother was an excellent knitter and provided the inspiration for the ChiaoGoo brand name, which means ‘highly skillful and crafty lady’.