Traugott the Gerbera Monster
Traugott the Gerbera Monster

Traugott the Gerbera Monster



Crochet your own Gerbera with this fun crochet kit from best-selling author and designer Kerry Lord. The Gerbera is a level 2 kit that will give a crochet beginner a great challenge. Level-up your crochet skills with this beautiful crochet flower.

Whether you’re a curious beginner or an enthusiastic crafter, this kit contains everything you need to crochet the flower of your choice.

This kit includes:

  • 125g of super soft British wool in DK Lime, DK Magenta and DK Mushroom
  • A 'crochet your own' project bag
  • An ergonomic 3mm TOFT crochet hook
  • A length of black thread for the eyes
  • Postcard pattern with instructions for making your flower
  • Getting started crochet advice and links to our ‘how to’ YouTube videos

Level two kit: This kit is suitable for enthusiastic beginners or those who have done crochet in the past. 

Finished size: Approx. 18cm high when in the sitting position 

YOU WILL NEED: toy stuffing, and a wool needle.