ChiaoGoo SPIN Bamboo Interchangeable Tips


ChiaoGoo’s 13cm/5in Spin tips are a great all-rounder for any yarn or project. These gorgeous patina tips are made from Moso bamboo, while the copper-nickel-plated join is crimped and glued for a secure connection.

The needles have a great point as well as a soft, warm feel, and offer a sturdy alternative to metal needles if you want something with a bit more grip for slippery yarn. All the tips are hollow to keep them lightweight and the needle size is laser-imprinted onto each tip, so it won’t wear off.

Tips up to 5mm use the Small cables, while all larger sizes need the Large cables. ChiaoGoo Spin Lace Tips can be used with either SPIN nylon cables or the TWIST red cables.

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