Cocoknits Leather Handle Kit


Cocoknits vegetable-tanned Leather Handle Kit allows you to add handles to any project easily with no sewing or tools required!

Adding leather straps and washers with cords creates a reinforced attachment to your bag so you can carry as many shopping purchases, or knitting projects and tools, as you can fit inside. If you need to wash your bag, simply remove the leather handles and reattach afterwards.

You can also add these handles to Cocoknits' Rustic Linen Four Corner Bag available in Small, Medium or Large. No sewing or tools are required. 

Including in your kit are:
2 x leather straps (16”/41 cm × 0.5”/13 mm)
4 x leather washers 1”/2.5 cm × 0.5”/13 mm)
4 x leather cords (2 mm x 5”/12.5 cm)
Instructions for attaching to a bag
Instructions for sewing your own cloth bag

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