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Curious Handmade Inkling Shawl Kit


A kit of three skeins of La Bien Aimée Merino Singles and one skein of La Bien Aimée Mohair Silk yarn in the original colourways used by Helen Stewart for her Inkling Shawl. 

This kit includes four skeins of yarn - 1 skein merino singles in each Winterfell, Curious Handmade and Damask plus 1 skein Mohair Silk in Curious Handmade

You can find the pattern for this kit in the Curious Handmade shop on Ravelry

Here is what Helen says about this beautiful shawl: 

Sometimes inspiration speaks so softly that it’s easy to doubt whether we’ve heard anything at all. The creative process can be that way sometimes. A project may begin with just a whisper. A glimmer. A fraction of a faint idea: one-tenth of a thought. This hint of inspiration is the magical bit of making anything new, but it’s easy to miss. And even when you do manage to capture it, you often need some dedication, a bit of trust, and a lot of patience to follow it all the way to the end. That’s the story of the Inkling Shawl. I think it’s a story that many creative people can relate to.

This full circular shawl design was born out of a very intuitive process, inspired by the original designer of the Pi Shawl, Elizabeth Zimmerman. As it grew under my hands, all I could do was allow it to reveal itself to me. Using four skeins of yarn, including one mohair, the simple but effective lace and textures took shape. Even though I knew what I hoped for the project, the final result, once the binding off and blocking was done, was a glorious surprise (although I often feel that way after blocking anything…don’t you?). My hope is that the Inkling Shawl stands as a reminder that we need to trust ourselves and our ideas, to let them unfold as they will, and not to give up at the inevitable point in any creative process where we’re wondering if it’s all about to go wrong. With enough time and care, what begins as a tiny inkling can grow into something grand and wonderful.

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