Darning 101


In this 2 hour class you'll learn the do's and don'ts of how to darn as you go along. This will include such things as using bespoke darning yarn or not, which side of the garment to work on, how to allow for shrinkage of new materials being applied to a worn and washed garment, how to improvise if you don't have a darning mushroom handy. Visible vs. Invisible darning. 

Most of the workshop will be dedicated to practising on knitted swatches but we will also spend some time looking at damaged pieces in order to assess how to deal with holes and problems in your own well-loved projects. Please feel free to bring in your damaged knits but, please, no items with moth holes!

Maximum of 6 students

Skills required: none

Instructor: Eirlys Penn of Scrapiana

A self-confessed sewing nerd, Eirlys loves everything from the tools to the techniques, the history, the cultural differences, and the startling global continuity of one person plying a needle and thread – from the caveman bent over his sinew-threaded thorn to the embroiderer seaming silk in a Paris atelier. Eirlys runs The Big Mend in Bath as well. 

Materials: Please bring a stocking stitch swatch measuring approximately 25cm x 25cm. You will need to block your swatch before the class so that it lays flat and is easy to work on. Gauge is not important but I would recommend using smooth, light-coloured to make it easy to see your stitches.

Cancellation Policy: In the event of a cancellation refunds will be provided if another student is available to take your place. We run a waiting list system for these eventualities but please be aware that any cancellation made close to the date of the course is less likely to be refundable.

In the unusual event that the class or course is cancelled by us a full refund will of course be processed.


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