Leafy Brioche


This is Nancy Marchant's third book on brioche and it's fabulous. Nancy dives deep into leaf stitch motifs created using two-color brioche and clever increases and decreases to define the pattern. The book contains 8 cowl and scarf patterns all of which are both written and charted.

Nancy Marchant is the Queen of the brioche stitch and this book is a triumph of her love and creativity with this stitch. The book is also beautifully styled and photographed by Alexandra Feo making it a must have for your knitting library.
Patterns included in the book are: Winter Birch, Bonfire, Linden Leaf, Autumn Lace, Primavera, Bay Leaf and Forest Wreath uses the Under Dutch Skies. Lots of technique, lots of fun to knit.
Each printed copy includes a download code for the digital version.

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