Driftwood 6" DPN Set

Driftwood 6" DPN Set



Lykke's beautiful set of 6-inch double-pointed needles comprises eight sizes, each with five needles per size. Made from hardwearing birch, the light and warm needles are perfect for quick knitters and novice knitters alike, with yarn effortlessly gliding along the smooth highly polished surface. They really are an absolute pleasure to knit with!

Each size is marked on the needle on a simple black metal band, making them easy to identify in your knitting bag.

The DPNs come in a plain grey denim-effect case and include the following sizes: 

  • 2mm/US 0 
  • 2.25mm/US 1 
  • 2.5mm/US 1.5 
  • 2.75mm/US 2 
  • 3mm/US 2.5 
  • 3.25mm/US 3 
  • 3.5mm/US 4 
  • 3.75mm/US 5