Pattern Writing for Knit Designers


The book is a guide to writing knitting patterns: how to translate your great knitting project into a set of instructions that any other knitter can follow.
Kate provides concrete guidelines, with lots of examples, on topics including : 
  • what information needs to be included in a knitting pattern 
  • how to properly and clearly communicate sizing and measurement information
  • what schematics are, why you need them, and how to create them 
  • how to use charts and written instructions to express special pattern stitches like cables and lace 
  • stitch nomenclature (especially related to cables), abbreviations, and glossaries -how to handle multiple sizes and versions 
  • use of brackets and * to indicate repeats 
  • how to establish a personal style sheet And much, much more. So much more!
She discusses technical editing and test knitting – explains what they are how, why they’re important, and when they need to be done. She gives tips for designers who wish to self-publish, and for those preparing submissions to a publication. 
In addition, Kate provides two key resources: a master template – both in printed and digital form –and a master glossary and abbreviations list.

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