The Landmark Collection: Pond Street


Pond Street by Alison Moreton

Inspired by Sheffield railway station, known at times as Pond Street station, a shawlette knitted in three colours of Titus. The roof line of the station is represented in a chevron pattern in the border of the shawlette. Short rows aid the transition to the body of the shawl, which is shaped into a shallow crescent with more short rows. No wrapping or picking up of wraps is required, however, as all short rows are completed with easy decrease stitches.

The finished size is 29cm/11.5" deep and 120cm/47" along the top (short) edge.

You will need 1 skein of MC (Endeavour) and 2 mini skeins each of 2 contrast colours (Rhubarb and Lotherton). 

You will also need a 4mm/US 6 circular needle, at least 80cm/32" long, and 23 stitch markers.

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