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Turning A Heel


Join us in this popular class for sock knitting beginners with the very talented Nathan Taylor aka Sockmatician.

This class teaches the art of turning a heel, probably the most important part of sock knitting and the technique that worries most new sock knitters.

Nathan will take you through the process, step by step in this fun workshop making sock knitters of you all.

DATE: June 2nd 10am-1:00pm

MATERIALS:  50g DK weight yarn and a set of 4mm DPNs.

CLASS SIZE – max 8 people.

CLASS LENGTH – three hours.


HOMEWORK: It is very important that you do this before the class.

Cast on 48sts, join into the round.

Work 10 rnds 2x2 rib.

Work 10 rnds of stocking stitch – knit every rnd.

Working on 24sts only, working flat: 

1st row (RS): sl1, [k1, with yarn at back sl1] x 11, k1, turn.

2nd row (WS): sl1, [k1, p1] x11, k1.

Rep these two rows another 11 times (24 rows worked in total)

This is where the class will start.


Nathan Taylor

Nathan Taylor (aka Sockmatician) is obsessed with double-knitting! He has been knitting seriously since 2011, and designing since around the same time. Nathan has had patterns published in Knit Now! Magazine, Vogue Knitting, The Knitter and RIB Magazine.

He has a boundless enthusiasm for the subject, and limitless patience with the process. Nathan gives the kind of teaching that just can’t be found anywhere else, and he makes each knitter feel like they are being taught in a one-to-one session, regardless of the size of the class.

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