Welcome Freya!

Welcome Freya!

This introduction is a bit overdue and many of you have already had the chance to meet our new Shop Assistant in person but I would like to officially welcome Freya to the A Yarn Story team!

Freya is an enthusiastic knitter, spinner, sci-fi geek and fellow startitis sufferer and I'm very excited to have her on board. If you're planning on attending the Bath Knit & Crochet Guild World Wide Knit in Public Day event this coming Saturday then you'll get a chance to meet her, in the meantime, she's kindly shared her Yarn Story with us:

Q: What is currently on your needles?
A: At the moment I am working on several things! I always have multiple things on the needles, but the one being carried around in my handbag is a Halftone Cowl by Sminé.

Q: When did you start knitting? Who taught you?

A: I learned how to knit as a child but never got past stockinette, and got bored. In 2007, after my first serious break-up, my Nan got me knitting again to distract me, and I haven't stopped since.

Q: I know you like to spin too, which do you prefer - knitting or spinning and why?

A: Spinning gives me the instant gratification that knitting doesn't, as I am quite a slow knitter - but it leads to having yarn that then needs knitting! I don't think I can choose.

Q: What is your favorite fibre to work with?
A: I love to knit with alpaca, it's just so soft and snuggly. For spinning I love blends with a bit of silk in.

Q: What do you enjoy most about knitting?
A: Learning new stitches! I am very much a process knitter as opposed to a finished-object knitter, and will put something down as soon as I've figured it out to try something else. That said, there's nothing like that slightly proud feeling when I tell someone I've made what I'm wearing!

Q: What is the last project you completed?

A: The last project I completed was a Pebble Beach Shawl in some Hedgehog Fibres sock, in the Dragonfly colourway. I chose the yarn because it matches my hair!

Q: What has you most excited about joining the AYS team?
A: I love being surrounded by beautiful yarns all day! Tidying the shelves is probably my favourite thing to do - I get to squish the yarn AND indulge my need for neat shelves! And Peaches of course, she's such a cutie.

Q: Anything else you would like to share about yourself?

A: I have two cats, four goldfish, and my favourite book is Neuromancer by William Gibson.

Isn't her Pebble Beach Shawl lovely!?! I can tell she's going to fit right in here :)


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