Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

Phew! No matter how much I plan for the Holiday season it still feels like a crazy storm of parties, mulled wine, friends and lovely gifts. I love this time of year if for no other reason than it does get people together as we meet up with friends old and new. For knitters, crocheters and makers this means evenings spent in local pubs with low light trying to finish up gifts or cosied up at home with our project in our laps or perhaps sitting in front of our computers Skyping with loved ones. Our crafts have great power to bring us together all year round but it feels even stronger this time of year as we try to finish gifts for all of the knitworthy people in our lives. Sometimes we finish everything and sometimes we don't. I personally won't get a chance to knit everything I intended but that's ok, delayed gifts in January or April or even next Christmas are no less special. And we have a card for that...

For those of us still looking for gift ideas for the makers in our life I have a few suggestions. It's as lovely to gift materials for a project as to gift a finished project.  A classic gift for knitters and crocheters is a set of their favorite needles or hooks. We have some great options from KnitPro Symfonie or Carbonz to the Chiaogoo Red Lace or a set of sock needles for the sock knitter you love. I mean, you love getting the hand knitted socks, right?

Not to leave out the crocheters, in fact I have something super special and exclusive for you. We are stocking Lynn Roberts hand carved sterling silver crochet hooks which are both beautifully made and well balanced. Lynn is a jeweller and a knitter and has combined her skills and passions to craft some truly superb items. Each hook is hand carved and no two are alike. Some are topped with beautiful gems and others have intricate carved designs, all equally amazing. These are not listed on the website so stop by the shop to have a peak or give me a ring and I can send you some pictures. She couldn't stop at hooks either, we also have some sterling silver cable needles!

There are also some fantastic items for all makers from Merchant & Mills. If you are unfamiliar with Merchant & Mills they are a British company with a tailoring heritage. Their tools are exquisitely made and beautifully packaged. From the Tailor's Chalk to the Bulb pins (which are our favorite form of stitch marker are around here) to the Rapid Repair Kit and the Notions Box Set, there is something every maker will love.

If your maker has everything already or maybe you just want something a little bit outdside the box we have some funky jewellery from Yellowbear Wares all made from vintage knitting needles and crochet hooks. Or there is of the "I Wish I Was an Octopus" necklace or brooch designed exclusively for the shop by Desingosaur.

Midwinter Yarns left us with some great kits when they were here last week. In addition to the Linus on the Line shawl kits we have kits for the Brygga Shawl and Skovtur mitts both by Karie Westermann. These are all quick and fun knits.

Books are a great gift this time of year as well and we have the brand new Take Heart by Fiona Alice, The Klee Collection by East London Knits, several books by Ysolda, some signed copies of Kate Atherley's Custom Sock book as well as Rachel Coopey's books.

And last but certainly not least we have loads of classes scheduled for the new year! There is another Yarn Dyeing Workshop with Devon Sun Yarns planned, Kate Atherley is coming back for a full weekend of classes in February, Renée Callahan is coming to teach us Brioche and Rachel Brown will be returning to teach Drop Spindle and How to Knit a Sexy Sweater (aka a sweater that fits).

I hope that helps you (or those shopping for you *hint hint*) with some last minute Christmas shopping ideas. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and may you not be weaving in ends until 3am on Christmas Eve :)



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