New Year New Knits

New Year New Knits

Can you believe it's 2017 already? I had so many projects still to finish from 2016...

Last March I decided that I would knit myself four garments before the year's end. The Georgia cardigan got done and well that's about it. I am really close to finishing Enso and I was working away, my ball of yarn ran out and I couldn't find the remaining yarn I had wound for the project. This is what happens when I decide to 'organise my knitting.' I have since found the yarn, don't worry. I had also swatched and cast on both Sombra and Mangata but am no where near finishing either. Let's not even get started on the shawls and a baby blanket still to be finished.

But let us not dwell on the things that didn't happen, let's think about the things that will happen. In 2017 I will, crochet my first project, learn to darn a hole properly and knit more socks. Lots of other stuff will happen and things will inevitably get in the way of the things I have planned but I do like to put a few goals out there nonetheless. 

I want this year to be more about the joy of knitting and the joy of this fabulous fibre community. There were several large divisive issues we experienced in the world last year and it hung over our heads like a dark cloud. But this community is amazing and so many beautiful things came out of the unpleasantness. Just take Ysolda's bold campaign #inclusivelys as an example of how small ideas can have a big impact. 

Well, I have about a million and one things planned for the shop as usual and we'll see how many of them I manage to execute. I'm really excited about expanding the AYS team, doing more shows, getting more classes on the schedule and sharing more of your stories. I hope your year has started off well and I'd love to hear what your craft goals are for this year, hopefully we can accomplish some of them together.


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