Pattern Summary: AYS Live Nov 8

Pattern Summary: AYS Live Nov 8

Anna had a great time going through patterns on our weekly Instagram Live - here are some highlights.


Spot Sweater by Anne Ventzel

Uses cream DK and CC using 3 strands of silk mohair held together. You can fade the silk mohair in and out to make a beautiful colour fade. 

For fade effect with mohair, gradually change the colours of the 3 strands of mohair while knitting starting off with 3 strands of one colour and gradually introducing a new colour in this sequence 2 stands colour 1 + 1 strand colour 2, 1 strand colour 1 + 2 strands of colour 2, 3 strands of colour 2 and then repeat again with the next set of colours.

  • MC: Beacons with in Rigging with 3 strands of Isager silk mohair colour 19 (pink) or you could do 3 complimentary colours of mohair so you could start with a lighter colour like colour 64 (light orange) 3 strands and then after a few pattern repeats then do 2 strands colour 64 +1 strand colur 19 (pink) then switch to 1+2 and then start to bring in red 3rd colour to fade into at the end like a gradient 
  • Subtle combo MC: Leizu DK Sea Smoke CC:gradient effect with Isager mohair 44 (blue),66 (ice blue), 67 (sea green)

 Wildflower by Tine Rousing


Colourwork pattern with contrast colour tassels added on afterwards

MC: Isager Jensen held with Spinni or silk mohair (lace weight)

CC: Spinni

With this pattern you can use 2+ colours in total for the sweater.  A nice pattern to use yarn in stash like leftovers for the contrast colours.

  • MC: Jensen colour 100 (navy) + Spinni in 100 held together for background
  • CC1 Spinni colour 44 (electric blue)
  • CC2 Spinni colour 22 (yellow)
  • CC3 Spinni colour 17 (pink)
  • CC4 Spinni colour 11s (blue grey)
  • CC5 Spinni colour 0 (white)


Anna’s fav combo

  • MC: Jensen colour 4s (grey) + Spinni in 4s held together for background mohair colour 47 instead of spinni for softer feel or lighter grey for heathered effect colour 3s
  • CC1 Spinni colour 61 (light pink)
  • CC2 Spinni colour 16 (blue)
  • CC3 Spinni colour 19 (coral pink)
  • CC4 Spinni colour 40 (spring green)
  • CC5 Spinni colour 46s (seafoam green)


Burgos by Rosa Pomar

Uses a sport weight + lace weight held together in matching colours or you can stripe- it’s a very versatile pattern

  • Walcot Yarns Opus + Isager silk mohair Cranberry + colour 32
  • Goldenrod + colour 22
  • Cinnabar + colour 28 for a tonal heathered effect
  • Julie Asselin Journey Sport Latte + colour 62 or colour 0 or E0
  • Journey sport Fleur + colour 28

Trinigan by Andrea Mowry

Would Garthenor Beacons work? 

Pattern calls for worsted weight while Beacons is a DK. Beacons will bloom with blocking. It would be very drapey might not have as much structure as using a worsted but do a gauge swatch to double check that you are happy with the fabric and play with needle size.

Sleeveless by Lone Kjeldsen

Lace + light 4ply held together = roughly a 4ply gauge

Show single yarn so only 1 strand

Cloudwatching by Susanne Sommer

This pattern uses purl brioche and garter stitch.

It uses 2 strands held together for the main body and sleeves and 1 strand for contrasts on the neck, cuffs and hem

Lace weight + fluff silk mohair together

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