SweetGeorgia Yarns

SweetGeorgia’s founder and creative director, Felicia Lo, realised she craved colour when she started spinning her own yarn. With a whole heap of plain undyed fibres at her fingertips, the world of colour beckoned!

SweetGeorgia not only produces colours that captivate but colours that are consistent from batch to batch. The Canadian company is also committed to producing yarn at the highest quality possible and thoroughly tests all its new yarns for wash and wear before it is added to the collection.

Felicia’s yarn bases are spun exclusively for the company. They are classic in appearance, smoothly spun, and plied to ensure strength and longevity. The fibres include merino, wool, silk and cashmere, all of which create a beautiful canvas for the colours that Felicia chooses. With every colour vibrant and intense, SweetGeorgia’s hand-dyed yarns never fail to inspire.

A Yarn Story are proud to be the largest stockist of SweetGeorgia in the UK.