Favourite socks sets, current projects & a special 'Cocktails with Kayleigh' segment

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 6 of A Yarn Story Podcast. In this episode, Carmen and Kayleigh talk about their current projects and favourite sock sets. But first, a 'Cocktails with Kayleigh' segment...!

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Show notes

Happy New Year! We're back for our first episode published in 2024 and we're excited for a huge year.

Get the details of our next Country House Retreat.

What we're wearing:

What are we knitting?

  • Kayleigh has a test knit for Maxim Cyr on the go, “Plump it up” using Walcot Yarns Fluff and Spincycle Yarns Plump (2 skeins of each are needed)
  • Carmen is working on Liebling by Camilla Vaad in Spincycle Yarns Plump Next Level. She’s adapting the pattern to make it a t-shirt and is adding bust darts for a perfect fit.
  • Lastly, Carmen is working to finish her Stockholm Vest by PetiteKnit in Isager Tweed and Silk Mohair.

We show off some of the gorgeous new Shirley Brian Deconstructed Fade Sets, they are all glorious to be honest.

Kayliegh is very jealous as Carmen grabbed a Spincycle & Ritual Dyes Knitters Backpack collaboration. It’s beautiful.


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