We're back! Spincycle Yarns, Running An Ethical Yarn Business & Knitwear For Dogs

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 1 of A Yarn Story Podcast. In this episode, we cover a lot of topics including new Spincycle yarn, running an ethical business and even knitwear for dogs! Enjoy

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Show notes

The wine we reviewed came from Alder Vineyard in Devon. It's a limited edition sparkling wine - super tasty!

Kayleigh visited Dartmoor for her summer holiday and spent a couple days discussing prison abolition. In the same part of the country, Carmen went to Boardmasters (a surf and music festival) before jetting off to Atlanta, USA for a business development course.

Learn Carmen’s superhero name (Kayleigh’s grandfather is responsible for it!)

Spincycle Yarns Plump has landed in store! SHOP HERE. Some of the patterns we particularly love include:

  • Liebling Sweater by Camilla Vaad, modified into a t-shirt. Photo shown is a project by Margotchien on Ravelry.
  • Double Plump Hat by Maral Mokri
  • Mountain Peaks beanie by Cate Savard
  • Alston by Martin Story

We talk just a little about the super special collaboration between our sister brand, Walcot Yarns and Les Garcons coming September 8th!

Our Rhinebeck sweaters are getting knitted, Kayleigh has finished her Fierce!

Oh and brand new from our friend Hide & Hammer, Kayleigh snapped up their Leather Belt Bag as soon as it was released and Carmen let a little hint of a new collab with Hide & Hammer out of the bag...

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