Summer Yarn Guide: Cotton, Silk, Wool & Blends. Plus, how to master advanced knitting techniques

This week, we introduce new yarn from Magpie Fibres and a gorgous bag from Hide and Hammer. Lessons in knitting is all about group knitting and we finish with your questions, including the best yarn for summer knits 

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Show notes

Welcome to A Yarn Story! This week, Carmen and Kayleigh discuss their knitting adventures and various updates. They start by addressing a technical mishap from the last episode where half of the video didn't record (hence no YouTube last time!).

We kick things of with new wine (of course!) Convivial, a Gamay Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley. Carmen share stories from Knit City in Toronto where she exhibited with and met fellow knitters, including the boys from Les Garçons and friends from her online stitch and bitch group 😂

New Products We Talk About

Lessons in Knitting

Carmen and Kayleigh provide tips on knitting in a group setting, emphasising the importance of organisation, using stitch markers and bringing simple projects. They also share strategies for keeping track of knitting progress and managing complex patterns.

Knitting Q&A

This week, we answer your questions including:

  1. "What are the best yarns for summer sweater and vests?"
  2. "What would you recommend as a challenge for a knitter who can already do cables, lace, brioche and various types of colourwork?"
  3. "Why did you choose to settle in Bath?"

All answered in this episode - enjoy!

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