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Crochet Stitch Tea Towel
Crochet Stitch Tea Towel
Crochet Stitch Tea Towel
Crochet Stitch Tea Towel

Crochet Stitch Tea Towel


Tilly Flop

We've all stood at the sink drying pots and longing to be doing something else. If you'd rather be crocheting - and let's face it, wouldn't we rather be? ... then this tea towel should get the message across.

The fresh bright pink stitch includes a speech bubble while the multicolored stitches are white, and shades of grey out of a pale grey with pops of bright colour doesn't include the speech bubble. 

The towels wash (and dry) well and are colourfast and are printed in the UK.

They come with a paper wrapper with the warning that they should only be used ONCE all that hooking has been finished ... hmmm

Maybe drying up won't seem so much of a chore anymore ...

And for all the dishwasher owners, you don't have to use it as a tea towel, TillyFlop has fashioned cushions, project bags and zipped notion pouches with hers: after all it's just a rectangle of fabric.

And for those of you that prefer two needles, there's also a 'Oh how I'd rather be knitting' version too, plus there's a bright stocking stitch and a crochet stitch version! Plus a Knitting abbreviation tea towel as well.

Technical Specs:

Printed on a 100% white cotton. The tea towel measures 470mm x 750mm / 18.5" x 29.5"