I Wish I was an Octopus: Startitis

I Wish I was an Octopus: Startitis

I have been suffering a bit of startitis lately and I currently have several projects on the go with several more planned for the near future. Now, I am never a monogamous knitter unless but my current level of works in progress (WIPs) is a bit more than usual, especially as they are all quite varied projects. And like I said there are several more projects caked and ready to cast-on at a minute's notice. I should probably work on finishing something instead of starting something new but where is the fun in that?

I've had this pair of socks for my Dad on the needles for a while now. I got to the heel flap and was then waiting for measurements to be sent my way. I've got those now so I should be able to crack on and get the first sock finished pretty soon. I'm using the simple but well written Dave by Rachel Coopey for Dad's socks and Malabrigo Sock yarn. Dad isn't really into a lot of fuss on his socks so this is perfect. I like having a simple pair of socks on the go, something that I can always throw into my bag or pick up when I'm tired but want to do a bit of knitting.

Dave Socks for Dad in Malabrigo

Ingwer by Melanie Berg was cast-on some time ago and I love the pattern and adore the yarn. I haven't gotten very far on it unfortunately as it does require a bit of paying attention and I haven't been in the mood for that lately. I'm very excited to wear it at some point though, I just love the body of The Fibre Co. Cumbria Fingering yarn and Pinkberry was a color made for me. I have plans for a garment in this yarn for sure.

I started Antarktis by Janina Kallio as part of the #OneSkeinSpring Knit-A-Long we had going on. The KAL ended last Sunday and I am still two sections from finishing. I'm knitting this in the Midwinter Yarns Lithuanian Linen in a peacock color. The color is glorious and I'm really excited to have a nice lightweight shawl for summer. Janina's pattern is great, I love the geometric lace work in her designs; I already have plans for two more of her designs Herald and Shine.

Antarktis Shawl

The yarn for Sombra by Elanor King from Issue 9 of Pom Pom Quarterly has been caked and ready to go for a while now. I've swatched for this and will have to make a few pattern adjustments to get the fit right but that's ok. I'm using The Fibre Co. Meadow for this pattern as I saw a version of this pattern on Ravlery done in this yarn and it's fab. My plan is to cast this on on Sunday evening, I'll let you know if that happens.

The Zen Variations by Renée Callahan for The Fibre Co. was released yesterday and I've been eagerly anticipating this collection's unveiling. I saw a preview of the samples at the H+H trade show back in March and have been wanting to cast on Enso and will be doing so this evening. I'm making my version in the gorgeous new Acadia shade Thunder Bay. It's a beautiful deep blue with an undercurrent of teal and I just know that it will become a wardrobe staple. The whole collection is fantastic, I highly recommend you check it out.


Renée was also the cause of another project I cast-on a couple of weeks ago. She was here teaching a Brioche class and I couldn't help casting on her Brioche Twister scarf. There were two lovely and perfectly aligned skeins of Julie Asselin Leizu DK sitting on the shelves calling my name too, so i just had to get started immediately. You understand, right?

Oh and today is the start of the The Shawl Society by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade. This secret society for shawl lovers is currently shrouded in mystery and I don't know about you but I want in! I'm sure it will be full of beautiful, elegant and wearable designs as that's what Helen is great at. I'm sure she'll tempt me to start yet another shawl but that's ok, I'm game.

Lastly (well for today anyways) I've been collecting skeins of DK yarn to make a Briochevron Blanket by Stephen West. I have about six skeins set to one side and a few more partial skeins as well. I'd like to get this started and then work on it when the mood strikes me. I don't expect it to be done before the winter but that's also when I'll want to curl up on the sofa under it, so that works for me. Watch this space to see how this project develops.


You can see how badly "I Wish I Was an Octopus."


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Gisela Schmidt on

Absolutely love your series " I wish I was an Octopus"

I feel that way often.

Great design, love the necklace.

Great projects you have started. I have three going myself.

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