A Yarn Story Turns 7!

A Yarn Story Turns 7!

Seven feels like a big number for a small business. Especially when two of them have been in a pandemic. Let me tell you - absolutely nowhere in my business plan did I think about a global catastrophe of this nature, also not a mention of such an event during my MBA either. This has truly been a couple of years like no other but to be honest the scariest part of the business is still those first couple of months. 

A Yarn Story opened in teeny weenie little space in a building called "The Shed" that was working towards becoming a fancy farm shop type location (this did not really come to fruition and you can now buy the building and adjoining orchard if you have a couple million spare). There were a dozen shop spaces, a cafe, a florist and a deli in there. The rent was next to nothing so it didn't feel too risky but that first month I barely sold enough to cover the meager rent and it wasn't until well into month two that my first online order finally came through. 

I remember that day really well, it was Dec 29. 2014 and I was sitting on the sofa knitting and a 'ding' came through on my phone and it was an online order. I was so excited. I hadn't at all understood why nothing was happening online up until then but that first order got the ball rolling and I kept working at it and trying new things and well here we are. Without online I'd be absolutely nowhere these past two years, it's absolutely what has kept us going and able to keep paying rent and staff and bringing you yarn and tools that we love. 


So every business birthday I like to think back to those first couple of months and all of the other lovely businesses I met back at "The Shed" - women I'm still friends with today. So just a little shout-out to Carole, Sue, Geraldine, Kit, Kelly-Ann, Kate, Emily, Priya and Nicky. The kindness and support you all showed me in those early days absolutely kept me going and helped shape A Yarn Story, thank you so much. 

And to every person who has ever chosen to purchased anything from us, shared us with your friends or just stopped by to give Peaches a cuddle - I'm really, really grateful, you've made sure that we are celebrating a seventh birthday. And to my ever growing team, who are the absolute best a girl could ask for, thank you. ❤️

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