I realize I am a bit delayed on a writing a 2014 round-up blog, so I am only going to write a short paragraph on that and then talk about plans for this year. I think that is a nice compromise, don't you?

2014 was filled with planning, spreadsheets upon spreadsheets and visiting some great events and great shops to help me find just the right mix of what I was looking for for AYS. I know that spreadsheets are boring so I won't dwell on those expect to say I created A LOT of them. As for the much more exciting events I attended, they included Wonderwool in Wales, Unwind Brighton and The Great London Yarn Crawl. Each of these was great and brought me at least one new wonderful product that I now have in the shop. The shop also opened and I had my first Christmas there, I learned a lot and had a great amount of fun helping people pick presents for loved ones.

Now onto the more interesting part of this post: plans for 2015...

Classes have been scheduled for the Spring, which I will post about in more detail later this week but in the meantime you can look at what's available here: http://ayarnstory.co.uk/collections/classes-and-workshops

The shop will get new items in for Spring/Summer, both some new products from brands I already carry and some altogether new items from new brands, all of which I'm really excited about and can't wait to share with you.

The blog will see a lot more action, so stay tuned for that. I'll be doing a series on each of the yarns in the shop, starting with the luxurious Cashmered, as well as a new series on all the things I wish I was knitting entitled: "If only I were an Octopus," and a series on what you fabulous customers have turned your yarn into because I LOVE seeing all of your finished projects.

I will also be attending more events this year, some as a visitor looking to see what is out there and some as a vendor. So if you aren't in the Bath area, you may be able to come see me at a show.

Are you excited yet? I know I am.



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