Today is very exciting for me as I get to unveil a new product that I am over the moon about. It is the first of (hopefully) many unique and exclusive products to AYS and it is a brilliant collaboration with Designosaur.

I discovered Designosaur in the fantastic children’s shop that is my next door neighbor (but only until the end of February as they are moving into Bath). Spotty Herbert’s is run by Kate and Emily who have a beautiful and irreverent aesthetic that I was instantly drawn to and I have spent much free time exploring all the little nuances of their offering. In this offering are necklaces and brooches from Designosaur which I instantly fell in love with. Who doesn't want a dinosaur necklace or a red monkey pin?

The precision of Designosaur’s work along with their materials and designs got me thinking. I spoke with Kate about the people behind the dinosaur necklaces and whether she thought they might be up for making something for me. She thought they would be, so I sent them an e-mail and low and behold the lovely people behingd Designosaur, Karli and Jacques, responded almost immediately and seemed totally up for what I was asking them to do.

In this digital age, collaboration over distance seems really easy and you read all sorts of articles about how to make it work but the truth is, it isn’t always very easy as e-mails don’t always come across how you mean them to and there isn’t the same bouncing ideas off each other thing that happens face-to-face. I have to say that Karli and Jacques seemed to get what I was asking for pretty much immediately (perhaps they were pulling their hair out behind the scenes, I don’t know) but within a couple of weeks I had a box of beautiful prototypes to look at and choose from.

I love when something just comes together in a way that you both wanted but also didn’t imagine was going to be as good as you thought and well, this is better. So without further ado, may I introduce the totally awesome needle gauges that Designosaur created and produced for A Yarn Story.

AYS Needle Gauges

There are three designs to choose from, a mini alpaca key chain which will measure needles sized 2mm to 3.75mm. Then there are the full size gauges which measure from 2mm to 12mm and come in an alpaca design and a simple circle done in mirrored purple. You can find these in the shop starting today.
A big thank you to Karli and Jacques for their fabulous work and fantastic imaginations. I am totally in love with this product and think they will bring a bit of fun, funk and color to my notions bag.

Lastly, I think the alpacas need a proper name, so I thought I would throw that out to you all. You can post your name suggestions in the comments, on Facebook or Instagram or e-mail me at and I’ll pick a winner who will receive a full size alpaca gauge!

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