Welcoming CaMaRose to AYS

Welcoming CaMaRose to AYS

Those of you who subscribe to our weekly newsletter or caught our unboxing on Instagram will know that last week we welcomed the luscious CaMaRose to our small but mighty (and nearly overflowing!) yarn shop in Bath. We've been dying to carry this line for quite a while so we were over the moon when CaMaRose extended an invite for us to be a stockiest of their gorgeous yarns and patterns.

CaMaRose is a small brand from Denmark run by established crochet and knitwear designer, Trine Bertelsen, who originally named the brand after her three children. Trine has thoughtfully developed and grown CaMaRose over the past decade and we are beyond excited to finally have it on our shelves. For the time being, we will be stocking three of Trine's beautiful yarn lines - Midnatssol, Yaku and Snefnug - as well as a number of lovely printed patterns. Keep on reading to learn more about each line of CaMaRose!

CaMaRose Midnatssol, or Midnight Sun, is a super soft, light and airy lace weight yarn. A fantastic alternative to silk mohair, it consists of an exclusive blend of Baby Alpaca and Merino Wool held together by a fine thread of Tencel. 

Midnatssol knits up beautifully on its own while also working wonderfully as a companion to other CaMaRose yarns, especially Snefnug. We recommend using it to knit up the Nuela Cowl by Vanessa Pellisa, the Sorbet Cardigan by Mille Fryd,  the Magnolia Bloom by Camilla Vad (held double with CaMaRose Snefnug), or the gorgeous baby cardigan pictured above - Dreamy Cardigan Mini (held triple).

CaMaRose Yaku is a soft, 4-ply yarn consisting of 100% mulesing free superwash merino wool. The threads of this yarn are even and tightly spun, making for very even stitch definition and a beautiful fingering weight fabric. Yaku is particularly suitable for baby and children's clothes as it is super soft and scratch-free. It is superwash treated in accordance with the high requirements of OEKO-TEX and is machine washable on a wool cycle using a wool detergent. 

Some of our favorite patterns for this yarn include Loops Blanket by Trine Bertelsen, Anker's Bonnet by PetiteKnit and Vertices Unite by Stephen West.

The third and final line of CaMaRose we're carrying is called Snefnug, or snowflake. It's a super light yet full-bodied yarn which consists exclusively of natural materials in an extra delicious combination of 55% Baby Alpaca, 35% Cotton and 10% Extra Fine Merino Wool. This yarn is formed from a mixture of the merino and baby alpaca which is blown into a cotton tube core, giving any project knit with this yarn a strong yet soft foundation. 

We are now stocking a number of beautiful patterns knit up in Snefnug including Basic Sweater My Size and Dreamy Cardigan My Size, both by Trine Bertelsen. If you're in the mood for a super quick but equally cozy pattern, we highly recommend The Comfort Zone by Espace Tricot.

Now that you've learned a bit more about CaMaRose, we hope you find yourselves itching to cast on a new project! If you find you need any help picking out colors or patterns, feel free to send us an email or book a virtual shopping appointment. We hope you'll love knitting with CaMaRose as much as we do and we can't wait to see the projects you create with these three gorgeous yarns!

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